BENCH CINEMA (Cinema Nimkat, Iran, 2015, Color, 2.5 K, 117 mins.)

A Film by Mohammad Rahmanian

During 1979-1992, a film lover Nasi who rents out illegal videotapes gets arrested. Whilst in prison he meets a voice actor, whom gives Nasi an address to the Chamber of Treasure that holds a great collection of classic films. Nasi spends months after release, watching the films and memorizes all the lines. He then travels around to perform the films as a one man show on a bench. Gradually  he  forms  a  theatre  group called  Cinema  Bench,  with  a  street  violinist, an insomniac visual artist, and a former actress. As they find a place to perform, they encounter problems in other forms by a gang, led by a Chief. As they try to keep integrity, the film follows their journey as struggling artists.

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