LAST CALL (Bulgaria, 2020, 115 mins.)

A girl is to be saved from suicide by the power of love but the whole process will be accompanied by a series of comical events. When the tabloids fabricate a false sensational news that a 70-year old national treasure writer is about to marry a 23-year old girl, everybody runs to the scene – a priest with a group of “reformed” prison Sunday school disciples, an ex-navy captain with his band of looney pensioner friends, the sisters feuding over inheritance, and of course – a fat grandson. Each party stands for what’s most important – love, redemption, money, estate, honour, friendship… An avalanche of absurd situations turns characters’ lives and their interactions upside down. And all involved learn something new about the others and about themselves.

Producer: URBAN MEDIA – Stoyan Stoyanov
Executive producer: CINEMAQ
Director: Ivaylo Penchev
Scriptwriter: Bozhan Petrov, Ivaylo Penchev, Vesel Tsankov
DoP: Georgi Chelebiev
Composer: George Strezov
Looking for: Distributors


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