Azar (Iran, 2017, DCP, Color, Dolby,85 mins.)

A woman whose husband in jail is trying hardly to manage the cafe restaurant she has opened with her husband. She also tries to compromise to get her husband released but things are not going as she is planning to.

Director’s Profile: Born in Arak in 1979, Mohammad Hamzei is a student of Film Directing. He has directed a number of short films – including As Always, Near or Far, According to a Habit, etc. – and video works – including Scratch, the Sound of Raining, Habib Agha, etc. In 2017, Hamzei directed his debut feature film, AZAR. Feature Films: 2017- AZAR.

Directed by: Mohammad Hamzei

Written by: Ehsan Biglari

Producer: Niki Karimi

Cast: Niki Karimi, Hamidreza Azarang, Farid Sjadi Hoseini, Shirin Aghakashi.

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