Feature Film

country of origin: Bulgaria
to be released: 2021
genre: comedy
producer: URBAN MEDIA Stoyan Stoyanov
director: Ivaylo Penchev
scriptwriter: Bozhan Petrov, Ivaylo Penchev
director of photography: Georgi Chelebiev
composer: George Strezov
looking for: Co-producer, Distributors


Sometimes a Birthday does not just mean celebrating an anniversary. It is possible that life and circumstances to turn so that a “Birthday” becomes a metaphor for people’s transformation. A day in which a new meaning of life is found and in which concepts such as love, death, friendship, redemption, mutual respect, charity, sound in a new way.
Grandma Genoveva has been bedridden for many years, has no relatives and wants to die. Right on her birthday, seventy-year-old “veteran” prisoner Vasil goes free and the first sample thing to do is to commit a robbery and to return to his only “family” in prison. While searching for valuables in Genoveva’s apartment, she is suddenly and unexpectedly introduced a deal that says Vasil should kill her, and for this “merciful” service she will bequeath him everything. Soon, however, unforeseen circumstances delay the deal.
Biliana has been unjustly accused of theft and get fired. In order to support herself and her child, she is forced to pose as a nude role model for students at the Academy of Arts. Her six-year-old daughter, Raya, is suffering from a serious illness and cannot walk. The kid has a chance to be cured if she is to undergo emergency surgery, but the waiting list for assistance from the state was hopelessly long.
In the storyline appears Alex – passionate hockey fan who “works” by betting on matches, but otherwise is dependent on his mother and brother. He inadvertently causes Biliana to lose her job. Out of guilt, Sasho makes a secret plan for saving Bilyana’s daughter – Raya. He draws his two best friends – Krasi, a puppet actor thrown out of the theatre for “indecent behaviour” and Lyubo who fee test experimental drugs on himself and is desperately in love with the head of the research project Dr. Sabeva. To implement Sasho‘s plan, the uncle of Krassimir who is in prison connects them with Vasil. They are both long time convicts and experts in robberies. Vasil decides to get involved and take over the management of the operation. This requires him to postpone the execution of the contract with grandmother Genoveva. She is very upset and disappointed with Vasil. When Grandmа Genoveva understands what he and his three friends has come up with, she calls them “demented bad guys” and, to everyone’s surprise, she becomes the “brain” of the group in the upcoming robbery.
Senior officials get involved in the story. Unexpectedly, old medieval manuscripts excavated from forgotten places in the dungeons of downtown Sofia.
An avalanche of absurd experiences proved to be a catalyst that turns the fate and relationships of the characters. Everyone finds something new for the others, but also for himself. The dramatic and comic situations follow one after the other.
The plan, which initially looks like a simple criminal offense, turns out to be one of the most important battles in the lives of the three friends, the ex-convicted Vassil and Grandma Genoveva, for the sake of little Raya to walk through and make her dreams come through.
This sad comedy is a fairy tale that always finds a way to deal with injustice. It is a story of compassion and the shared mission of several people. A mission that gives a normal life and hope to many children and change the characters forever. In this absurd, but actually quite realistic story, you can find pain, sadness, despair, but also love, friendship, kindness and lots of laughter. This sad and funny parable of charity – told through characters, who at first glance are far from any idea of mutual help, makes us realize that we should never lose our faith in goodness.

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