COLDNESS (SOYUQ, Iran, 2015, Color, 2D, DCP, Digital, 4K, Stereo, 16:9, 87mins.)

”Coldness” is about a family who is facing financial difficulties and due to this their 8 year old son is constantly anxious and wets himself at school. His social anxiety forces him to continuously hide under his mother’s chador.  To help her son overcome his fears and to make him forget this bad habit, his mother decides to take her chador off whenever she picks him up from school.


Written and Directed by: Bahram and Bahman Haj Abol Loo (Ark)

Producer: Sina Baradaran Ahangari

Cast: Sadra Daneshvar, Hamed Ghafarzadeh, Naser Hashemi, Nasrin Moradi, Sajjad Rasi, Akbar Shariat

Sales agent for Global Content Bazar 2020: Javada Film

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