SHEPHERD (Bulgaria, 2020-2021, 90 mins.)

Shepherd is the first feature fiction authirs version based on the vitae of the Santant Yoan of Rilla – the first canonised Bulgarian, the Divine Protector of the Bulgarian people. The movie will tell about Yoan – still young, loved and hated, thrown into suffering and achieving victories, – and will

get to the day when his prayer gains the power to save his greatest enemy. The enemy who may have become his first follower?

Shepherd goes beyond classical reconstruction of a supposed, canonical biography, it revives the man Yoan and a few who have crossed his life-path to God.

Shepherd was shot at the best possible level in Bulgaria, with the best technical teams, with actors selected at a two-year casting, at hard-to-reach unique locations across the country.

In the four shooting periods from September 2017 to September 2018, the film material was shot in 100 percent. The post-production is at the stage of picture editing.

Shepherd has won the support of the two BG institutions, which provide direct funding for feature films – Executive Agency National Film Center (NFC) and BNTV. The equal amount of the state participation for most feature projects automatically limits state support to 60% of the production budget, which recreates an epoch  with sets, costumes, props, inaccessible filming sites, stunts, horses, herds, etc. Still there are no alternative sources for feature films in Bulgaria.

We are looking for co-producers for digital image processing, sound post-production, original score, threatrical and broadcast deliveries.

Producer: Proventus Film House/Nevena Andonova

Co-producers: Bulgarian National Television, NuBoyana Film Studios

Scriptwriters: Milena Andonova and Nevena Andonova

Director: Milena Andonova

DoP: Ralli Ralchev

Cast: Deyan Jekov, Georgy Tenev, Peter Dochev, Ellena Telbis, Vallentin Ganev, Rousi Chanev, Tsvetan Alexiev


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