GHASHANG & FARANG (Ghashang Va Farang, Iran, 2017, Color, Dolby Digital, 89 mins.)

Ghashang and Farang are two elderly sisters living with their sons Bahman and Vahid. Farang’s son, Bahman is a film critic and Ghashang’s son, Vahid is a dentist. Although Vahid is married, he is not very committed to his marriage and due to this his wife has left him and moved to France to continue studying. On the other hand, Bahman and his wife have separated and she has moved to Dubai in an attempt to sell her paintings. One night, after hosting a party, Bahman goes for a walk and is hit by a car and fells into a coma.


Written, Directed and Produced by: Vahid Mousaaian

Sales agent for Global Content Bazar 2020: Javada Film

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