HIS CANIBAL GRANNY (Bulgaria, 2019, 15 mins.)

Based on the short story by Yordanka Beleva

Radostin is the new boy at school.

His peculiar charm and kindness attract everybody’s attention and the school bullies start to feel jealous. In order to diminish his popularity, they spread a rumor about the cannibalistic past of Radostin’s grandmother. The boy becomes the target of everybody’s hatred.



Script: Dessislava Nikolova-Besedin

Director: Dessislava Nikolova-Besedin
DOP: Krasimir Andonov

Cast: Damyan Beev, Assen Blatechki, Joseph Carlhieros, Vladimir Grigorov, Gergana Pletnyova, Alexander Statkov, Tea Stoyanova, Valeria Stoyanova, Nikola Vladimirov, Stefka Yanorova

Music: Sibin Vassilev
Art: Mira Nedyalkova

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