Javada Film announces selection for producing independent and documentary projects

In June 2020 JAVADA FILM announced a project in support of Bulgarian, independent feature and documentary projects.
During the same month the producing company will be selecting projects, which will be supported with filming equipment for making films with over 60 minutes length. All the films must be completed by the end of 2021.
The Iranian director Javad Daneshvar, who’d moved his company in Bulgaria couple of years ago, is famous for his annual support of young filmmakers in Bulgaria.
In the last 5 years he’d financed and produced over 10 feature and documentary projects of Bulgarian directors. His aim is to increase them every year so as to give a chance to the young talents who have ideas and a team, but don’t have the necessary support to make their screenplays into films. In addition to producing, Javad Daneshvar has also focused on the distribution of films created by the Bulgarian filmmakers, providing free presentation of the finished projects at some of the largest film forums in the world, held in Cannes, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Mumbai.
For the upcoming selection in June, Mr Daneshvar says: ”The movie industry needs to be supported more than ever, and the independent filmmaker are the ones, who have the least opportunity to for realization. That’s why I’m focusing my efforts where the quality of the idea and the project determines the opportunity.”

More details about the terms, requirements and deadlines of the selection, you can find on the website here.
JAVADA FILM is a producing company found in 2012 by the director Javad Daneshvar, who graduated from New Bulgarian University. Over the years he’d managed to break the stereotypes and work as a producer on many of his colleagues’s projects. Many young and talented filmmakers had worked on different projects with him, and that’s how the documentaries “The Chiprovci carpet”, “Baba Marta” (directed by Mariana Tencheva), ‘’One Minute Out of Time”(directed by Krasimira Dukovska) ,”Under the sands of Sozopol” (specially created about the cultural heritage of Sozopol) and the film about the Boyana Church, presented in 2019 in the Hall of UNESCO in Paris, were created.
In 2021 will be shot the full-length movie “Basement calling skies”, based on Vilma Kartalska’s screenplay and directed by Zdrava Kamenova. The film was selected in July 2019 for the “Best Pitch Competition” at PriFest in Prishtina.

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