KELILEH & DEMNEH (Kelileh Va Demneh, Iran, 2017, Color, 2D, DCP, 4K, 4:3, 80 mins.)

Kelileh and Demneh are two young jackals affected by the excessive hunting going on in the jungle. When they get older, Kelileh narrates the story of those difficult days, when the greed and disloyalty of some of the animals to the lion king almost resulted in famine. The drama starts in the middle of a rainy night when the horrified owl pays a visit to the king of the jungle to report about the excessive hunting he had witnessed.


Director’s Profile: Born in 1962 in Tehran, Alireza Tavakoli Bina has studied Computer Aided Design in the United States and the United Kingdom. He has directed a number of short films and three TV series for the Iranian National Television. Furthermore, Tavakoli has published more than 40 books for children. In 2006, his book series entitled “ Masnavi Molavi” won the UNESCO Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature. Feature Films: 2017- KELILEH & DEMNEH.

Directed by: Alireza Tavakoli Bina

Written by: Alireza Tavakoli Bina, Zahra Hashemi

Producer: Zahra Hashemi

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