LINA (Afghanistan/The Netherlands/ Iran, 2017, Color, DCP, Digital 2K, 16:9, 88 mins.)

After some clinical investigation, Maryam finds out that she was adopted and that she is not of Iranian descent, therefore she decides to find her biological parents…
Director’s Profile: Born in 1978 in Herat, Ramin Rasouli was interested in cinema since childhood and his interest motivated him to start writing from the age of 14. He was offered a place in Mashhad Youth Cinema Society in 1993 and two years later he made two 8 mm films entitled THEY ARE WAITING and GOLD FROM SOIL”. His film GOLD FROM SOIL was screened in the 5th Regional Festival of the Youth Cinema. Rasouli made several 100 second films and a video film in 1997. In 1998 he made his first semi-professional 16mm short film entitled THE ACCIDENT. Subsequently he made two other short films RETURNER and THE MAGAZINE CHIEF MANGER. After that he moved to the Netherlands. In 2008 he made a documentary film entitled NEIGHBOUR and in 2012 he made another short film entitled MY DOLL in Afghanistan. In 2015, he made his short film THE WOMEN WHO COME AT 10 O’CLOCK. LINA is his debut feature film.

Written and Directed by: Ramin Rasouli

Producer: Siavash Haghighi, Masoud Nicknam Pirzadeh

Cast: Hasiba Ebrahimi, Homayoun Ershadi, Atieh Ghabishavi, Shahab Shadabi, Mozhgan Kamjoo, Amir Aghaie

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