Living Legends (Bulgaria, 2014, 100 mins.)

Starring Michele Placido (Award for Best Supporting Actor at Angel Film Award )

Group of friends meet again, 13 years after their prom because of a problem of one of them, and face the opportunity to experience the things in life they have always put aside in life so far.

Script: Sanya Borisova, Niki Iliev
Director: Niki Iliev
Cinematography: Grigor Kumitski
Cast: Orlin Pavlov, Niki Iliev, Sanya Borisova, Dimo Alexiev, Lubomir Kovatchev, Georgi Kadurin, Yana Marinova, Julian Kovalevsky, Michele Placido, Anna Maria Petrova-Giuzeleva, Stefan Shterev
Music: Borislav-Borche Boyadjiev
Production: Niki Iliev

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