SHEIKH CHILLI & FRIENDZ (India, 2018, 104 Episodes x 11 mins each)

This series is currently being broadcasted on Discovery Kids in India as well as another well-known TV Channel in Indonesia. It is a newly released premium kids 3D animation series targeting children in age group 4-13 years. The stories in this series have been designed keeping in mind today’s children, who are modern and have gadgets. The stories are light and are based in events linked to the children’s lives and have action, drama, fun and fantasy.The main characters of Sheikh Chilli and Friendz are 9-year old Sheikh Chilli, who lives in a town called Jhunjhun Nagariya. He is a sweet and innocent lad and has some good Friends. Noorie Jinn was found by Sheikh Chilli in a bottle. He comes out of the bottle only when Sheikh Chilli recites the magic words and does only what Sheikh Chilli asks him to do. 

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