STOLEN (Roboodeh Shodeh, Iran, 2016, Color, DCP, 86 Mins.)

A famous actor and his fiancée are in the process of immigrating to another country. However, after his backpack is stolen, they postpone their trip. Together they try their best to resolve the different obstacles facing them.Cast: Saeed Aghakhani, Sareh Bayat, Nader Fallah, Mitra Hajjar, Sohibanoo Zolqadr




Written and Directed by: Bijan Mir Baqeri

Producer: Javad Noruzbegi

Cast: Roozbeh Bemani, Maral Farjad, Hamed Javadi, Niki Karimi, Pegah Khosravi, Kamran Maleki, Mohsen Maleki, Ghazale Motamed, Sorush Sehhat

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