Tough Old Men (Bulgaria, 2011, 86 mins.)

Romantic comedy full of action, unexpected twists, fantasy, unadulterated humor and lots of “laughing through tears”.

In a small frontier village near the sea, remained only seven “tough old men” – bohemians and great jokers. They have the crazy idea of hiring a girl and having a party. The girl they hire is fired by a striptease bar in town. She and the old men start wonderful relationship. The Lieutenant from the Frontier Post falls in love with the girl. Two of her “colleagues” come to visit the girl. A storm brings foreigners who seek shelter to the village by accident. The smartest of the girls has a “business plan”, from which hunters, old men and girls alike can be pleased. Everything in the village starting to get better, but Madam Cornelia who runs the striptease bar send a “strike brigade” to bring the girls back. Everybody in the village get together and manage to deal with the “strike brigade” in a resourceful way. Finally, the border police came to help and get everything in order. In the end The Lieutenant, the frontier chief, is getting married with the girl he falls in love.

Producer: Bulgarian National Television
Executive Producer: Stoyan Stoyanov – Urban Media
Directors: Ivaylo Penchev, Plamen Maslarov
Scriptwriter: Simon Schwarz
Director of Photography: Ivaylo Penchev
Composer: Kiril Ilievski


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