Feature film


One child dreams of having a family. A man dressed as Santa Claus must figure out who he really is. A girl in a wheelchair wants to walk again.
This cannot be done without a series of tragicomic situations in which street musicians – a gambler, a drunkard and a fussy old man – behave like good fairies. A taxi driver – master of improvised lies, understands that giving can be better than taking. Beautiful waitress caring for her Alzheimer’s mother discovers that goodness has countless faces. Each of the characters seeks what he craves most – family, identity, forgiveness, love, compassion, friendship.
There is no way their wishes will not come true, as long as they believe in Uncle Christmas.

country of origin: Bulgaria
in production: 2020 – 2021
Genre: Romantic tragicomedy
Producer: CINEMAQ
Executive Producer: URBAN MEDIA Stoyan Stoyanov
Director: Ivaylo Penchev
Scriptwriter: Bozhan Petrov, Ivaylo Penchev, Vesel Tsankov
Director of Photography: Georgi Chelebiev
Composer: George Strezov
Looking for: Distributors

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