VILLA DWELLERS (Vilaie-ha, Iran, 2017, Color, DCP, Dobly 5.1, 16:9, 100 mins.)

During the Iran-Iraq war, some of the families of the Iranian soldiers stayed at residential villas near the frontline waiting to see their loved ones. Aziz and her grandchildren go to the complex to get a chance to visit her son, Davoud. After her arrival, new adventures begin…
Director’s Profile: Born in 1972 in Shemiran, Iran, Monir Gheydi holds a BA in Cultural Management from Azad University. She has served as script girl and then assistant director to many well-known directors such as Majid Majidi, Kamal Tabrizi, Ebrahim Hatami Kia, and so forth. Gheydi has made numerous short films and TV movies. VILLA DWELLERS is her debut feature film.

Directed by: Monir Gheydi 

Written by: Monir Gheydi, Arsalan Amiri

Produced by: Saeed Malekan

Cast: Tanaz Tabatabaie, Parinaz Izadyar, Anahita Afshar, Ali Shadman, Saber Abar

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