A documentary dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Town of Sozopol, directed by Javad Daneshvar.

“Under the Sands of Sozopol” is dedicated to the 26 centuries of history of Ancient Apollonia, known today as the Town of Sozopol. We were lucky that during the screening in the town’s Archaeological Museum, there was a joint exhibition with the Louvre, which was incredibly valuable for our team. In the film, Professor Kalin Porojanov, D.Sc., and Dimitar Nedev (Manager of the Archaeological Museum) describe the history of Apollonia, the oldest town on the West Coast of Black Sea, founded 26 centuries ago. They also speak about the archaeological findings, discovered on the bottom of the sea and under the sands.

Creative Team: Petar Petrov, Javad Daneshvar, Ivo Draganov and Georgi Iliev

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