Project implemented by the Regional Centre Sofia – UNESCO 

The Regional Centre and Javada Film Team implemented the project “The living heritage of traditional Bulgarian cuisine” under the program “Program for Restoration and Development of Private Cultural Organizations” of the National Culture Fund.

The living heritage аdds value to the cultural differences inherent in traditions as part of the modern ways of life. One important theme in that respect is the traditional Bulgarian cuisine, in that it demonstrates social relationships, highlights significant dates on the calendar, and sustains long-lasting relationships with the natural environment and the local cultures. This project seeks to interpret the living heritage of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine by means of a photographic exhibition, a digital catalog and a number of short films. The emphasis is on the experiences, the creative process, and the transmission of traditions, on communication and sharing.

The project provides an interpretation of the living heritage and traditional cuisine in the processes of preparation of ingredients, of cooking and sharing food; it uses the tools of the visual arts, which transcend the boundaries of video recording and photography for mere ‘reporting’ and ‘illustration’ purposes. The approach of visual anthropology – i.e., of research through visual images rather than their culturological description – requires a creative interpretation of the living heritages, the transmission and sharing of knowledge and emotion by means of the creative achievements of film and photography.

The thematic area of living heritages has been evolving quite actively on an international level in the past decade and the creative products and outcomes of the project fit squarely into that tendency.

In this project by  Regional Centre Sofia – UNESCO has a 7 Short Films presenting the preparation of ingredients, the cooking and sharing of food in the context of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. 

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