What happens if one Roma girl decides to become an actress in Bulgaria? She creates a precedent.

Let us lead you through the amazing story of Nataliya Tsekova and her unique life between theatre and Roma culture. We are sure that you will like the journey.

My Gypsy Road (2020) was directed by Vilma Kartalska who has proven herself as one of the best documentarists in Bulgaria.

Vilma Kartalska finished her acting studies at Theatre College “Luben Groys”. Since 2012 she has worked as a producer, director, scriptwriter in the field of short films and theater. Her first three projects won multiple international awards. In 2015 she founded the production company “Raiza Vilm Productions”Ltd.

Her crew was made by professionals who know perfectly what they have to do and love their work.

Producers from Javada Film and Raiza Film Production have also known as a people who have a good eye for great story and script.

With this amazing team, there is no surprise that My Gypsy Road is and it’s going to be one successful movie.

During the last few months, My Gypsy Road has won Grand Prix for Best Documentary Short Film 2020 at International Short Film Festival, From 4 Lex Homeless in Serbia.

It also has been nominated for Best Documentary Film 2020 at Film at Focus International Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania. Film in Focus IFF as an International Film Festival has the objective of creating awareness of screening independent cinema.

Another prix for My Gypsy Road as Best Short Documentary came from Košice International Monthly Film Festival, September 2020 in Slovakia. KIMFF has the mission to discover and promote talented filmmakers all over the world.

It`s only the beginning!




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