There are so many creators in Bulgaria with full of talents which are not yet found in the international stage. Javada Film is discovering their projects and films till the end of September to introduce them in this year’s JCS/TIFFCOM from October 22 (Tue) till 24 (Thu), 2019.

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“Japan Content Showcase”, a multi-content market featuring music, TV, film and animation, combining the three markets for music (Tokyo International Music Market, TIMM), film and TV (TIFFCOM -the Marketplace for film and TV in Asia-, the only film festival in Japan approved by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations), and animation (Tokyo International Anime Festival Autumn, TIAF).

TIFFCOM/TIAF will be held at “Sunshine City CONVENTION CENTER” in Ikebukuro.

“JAVADA FILM” Ltd. is a film company established in 2012 in Bulgaria. The main activity of the Studio is creation, production and distribution of all genres of short and feature films, documentaries, TV Ads, Music Videos. It is also specialized in organizing the whole filming process for clients – from casting, location scouting and rental of professional equipment to all-around post-production – editing, CC, CGI, subtitling, etc.

The team consists of highly qualified professionals in the field of Visual Arts: Cinema and Television, Photography, Music, Performing Arts, Computer Technologies and Design.

The Studio owns high-technology equipment for all types of shooting – from green screen, RED cameras, Rode microphones, ARRI lightning to different types of drones.

The Company distributes numerous award winning film projects of young, predominantly, Bulgarian and Asian film directors, like THE WORLD OF SISI, selected in various festivals around the world, including Academy Award Qualifying events and Cannes Film Festival. Currently, it has been working on a few documentaries in different stages of development, like SALT DOME, THE MYSTICAL PARADISE, and highly anticipated MY GYPSY ROAD. The project has been supported by National Culture Fund and different Human Rights organizations, and is to be released in October 2019.

The newest feature film of JAVADA FILM – BASEMENT CALLING SKIES was presented and developed at PriFest and Sarajevo Film Festival.

To this moment, the Company has worked closely with Bulgarian Film and Culture Institutions, as well as with some Asian TV and Film companies, which made it recognizable and established brand on local markets. Now it is looking forward to extending its activities as a producer/co-producer and distributor of international film projects on a world scale.

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