The Foreigner

A Frenchman falls in love with a hot temper Bulgarian village girl. Following the call of his heart he starts looking for the village where she lives without knowing the character and the language of the people living there.

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Living Legends

Group of friends meet again, 13 years after their prom because of a problem of one of them, and face the opportunity to experience the things in life they have always put aside in life so far.

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Holiday Makers

the group of tourists go to the black see in Bulgaria. Really funny stuff happens all the time which is the ordinary state of the people's behavior in this local place. they get stranded in an Island near the see and start to get paranoid, also in the same time the mayor is drinking and is not sending a rescue party . they think that they will end up dead in the island, but what Read more…

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Нокаут или всичко, което тя написа

След редица травми, нанесени му на ринга, Арън се е оттеглил от професионалния спорт, след като е обявен за психически нестабилен. Той се среща с Жана, момиче с подобни на него странности, което всички около нея са обявили за луда. Двамата се впускат в нестандартна и комична любовна връзка, дирижирана от Боби, брат на Жана. Млад боец, който се опитва да използва ситуацията в негова полза и да върне Арън на ринга срещу себе си. Read more…

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